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"Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Billy

Billy Davis grew up in the south, in Tennessee. His mom took on the role of a single parent after his father died at age eleven. Billy was the eldest son and helped his mom through the difficult years by working and contributing to the family finances. In junior high, Billy met the love of his life, Billie Jo Johnson. The two were married right out of high school, have been happily married for fifty-four years and have three adult children and five grandchildren.

Since the age of 22, Billy has owned and operated many successful companies. These have included everything from land development, vacation resorts, to medical research facilities. While serving as an Arizona State Senator in 1983, Billy was invited to travel to The Bahamas for a Tax Seminar on the island of Eleuthera, an island his ancestral family had some roots. After this trip to The Bahamas, Billy and his family fell in love with this island nation, its people and its beauty. The Davis Family began to place their roots down by investing in land and building homes for themselves.

"I have known Billy for 12 years through his commercial and philanthropic contribution to The Bahamas. He is well known for his wide ranging support of charitable and local government Island projects, is very adept at garnering political and local support for his projects and has a detailed understanding of the legal processes. That, together with his broad experience of Bahamian culture, enables him to get things done quickly, with economic and pragmatic efficiency."

- John Mittens, Chairman

The Davis Foundation

The Davis Family has been involved in numerous charity projects and has worked with organizations providing help for people in need. They have sent children to colleges, (with one recent graduate from Emory) and donated many material things to the citizens and given money where needed. Multiple Hurricanes victims in The Bahamas and Haiti have received supplies and money from The Davis Family.

Mr. Davis has traveled the world in his endeavors as a Human Rights Activist, visiting prisons and working with the inmate families and with his legal team working with inmates. Billy has been on many Good Will Trips. For weeks Billy traveled throughout West Africa including the country of Togolese Republic (Togo), and from Congo to Liberia West Africa and many other countries, including the Republic of China (Taiwan) and mainland China, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Costa Rica among others. In Togo, Billy was invited to help on the voting system and “The Rights of the People” which allowed him to spend weeks throughout the country working one on one with the tribes and people needs.

In 1999 the Davis family founded their Davis family foundation which is now providing Scholarships for gifted students within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.