What people say about Billy

I have known Billy since 1965, where we served two combat duty tours together in the U.S. Navy. We have maintained contact since 1965 to present as friends and sometimes business associates. Billy is charismatic, intelligent, and innovative. His love of the USA is followed closely by his love for the Bahamas where Billy has spent the past 35+ years working with numerous administrations. Billy has been instrumental in providing disaster relief when necessary regardless of which Island, including free shipment and delivery of an ambulance to Abaco and delivery of emergency supplies……. I have never known him to fail or walk away from his commitments or obligations.

Jess Poplin

I have known Billy for 12 years through his commercial and philanthropic contribution to the Bahamas. He is well known for his wide ranging support of charitable and local government Island projects, is very adept at garnering political and local support for his projects and has a detailed understanding of the legal processes. That, together with his broad experience of Bahamian culture, enables him to get things done quickly, with economic and pragmatic efficiency.

John Mittens, Chairman

Based upon my personal and professional dealings with Billy, his moral compass continually points in the correct direction.

Carl Kennedy

I have known Billy on a business and personal side for several decades. He truly is an exceptional man with family values, sound business ethical values and has the biggest heart in giving to humanity in need. I have seen over the years his very strong business leadership skills and commitment as a two term Arizona State Senator, being involved and completing major projects as Del Web Memorial Hospital, which was a critical infrastructure growth starting point and why the West Phoenix area grew to what it is today. He served our Country (US Navy) and Arizona honorably. On a personal side, he has mentored me over the years with his wise ethical business advice and family advice as a young man in the past. He has been a blessing to me, my family and I’m a better man because of Billy.

James Poplin

I would like to tell you some things about a very special individual, a gentle person with a big heart. You may know him. His name is Billy Davis. Let me tell you a personal story. I first met Billy in Abaco after hurricane Floyd. He flew to the island many times with huge amounts of relief items for this devastated island. He gave generously. Way more than anyone could imagine. At Christmas he and his family flew over to help disperse toys that filled every square inch of a DC 3. Children lined the roads as he and his group of volunteers passed out gifts up and down the island.

Stories of his altruistic work on Abaco after the hurricane could go on for many pages. However, I came to know and respect this man in an even more personal way. Early in January of 2000, my 17 year-old son was shot by an even younger teenage boy. The damage inflicted by the 45 was so great the doctors didn’t expect him to live. I moved into his hospital room and wouldn’t leave his side. I was devastated. Although I only knew Billy from the hurricane relief efforts in Abaco, on two different occasions Billy appeared in the doorway of my son’s hospital room. Each time he visited he had a just little time between planes flying in and out of the Orlando International Airport. Billy went out of his way to be there at the hospital expressing his empathy and compassion. He talked of prayers extended by he and his family.

Billy probably didn’t know it but that act of kindness gave me strength to face some of the most difficult days of my life. This truly unselfish act provided much needed healing energy. Billy demonstrated what I can only describe as Christ-like love. Over the months, in some miraculous way, my son survived and is strong and healthy today. Billy, thank you for being there. You are truly a unique and wonderful individual.”

Kay Politano


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