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Business Changes in The Bahamas – Changes in Peoples Lives

In December 2016, Billy Davis looked on his smartphone for a hotel room in Georgetown Exuma. The nightly price for a room was around $330.00 dollars per night. Billy phoned a Bahamian friend and requested that they do the same search on their (Bahamian) phones; their price was a hundred dollars cheaper. That same day, Billy decided to wait until he arrived in Georgetown and found the same hotel room for $125.00 per night. The added $205.00 did not go to that Bahamas Hotel but to some third party in a different country.

Billy explains that the above example speaks about his hotel experience.

Billy's desire is that all small and local businesses should be able to keep all of the money and not have to share large commissions with some company on the other side of the world.

The key is for the business owner to have their own customer data mining and this software puts the customer back into the hands of the business owner.

When Billy encountered the above $205.00 additional cost he decided then and there to do everything he could to help the businesses in The Bahamas, and give back after enjoying this wonderful country for the last 35 years.

Billy believes that small to medium size businesses are the backbone to success. That is why he searched out a company that developed software for small businesses which allowed the business to better control their own data and data base to bypass most third party money-satchels, who walk away with money originally destined to the selling party. Billy decided to gift this amazing tool to The Bahamian Businesses with NO COST to the business owner. Beginning in February 2017, Billy will begin donating this amazing software to Bahamian Businesses when the owners request it. The package will also include a weekend training class.

Your profits will grow by putting that customer back into your control.


This patented Computer Software was specifically designed for small businesses. Offering the tools and scalable systems for any size of a company, it can help them reach a much higher overall income.

  • Custom Web/Mobile platforms
  • Digital Marketing Automation
  • Cloud/SaaS business models
  • In-house innovators & experts
  • In-house Development
  • Global sales infrastructure and so much more.