Billy Davis has been the CEO of numerous companies, the majority of which he owned or controlled. Billy has been a decades long land developer in several states and internationally. His major property developments is purchasing parcels of land and subdividing them into single family homes. Billy would joint venture with builders to complete the neighborhoods.

Billy has been involved with businesses in Greater Atlanta Georgia, Chattanooga Tennessee, Varies places in Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Indiana and multiple Islands in The Bahamas. His businesses include Resorts, Hotels, Land Developments, Property Sales, Textile Industry, Manufacturing, Airline, Finances, Heavy Equipment and a number of small businesses over fifty years’ time frame.

Billy has purchased a number of businesses out of Bankruptcy, for the purpose of turning them into profitable companies and saving jobs.

In his career Billy has owned or started numerous small businesses. He has worked as a consultant to companies in the United States and Internationally. He has built relationships with political and business leader’s local, state, federal and/or Governments. Business and political involvement has allowed him to visit most of Europe and many of the former Soviet Bloc Countries. He has arranged business endeavors with several Pacific Rim and Southeast Asian Countries, traveled throughout Central and several South American Countries and throughout the Caribbean. He has also worked with several Asian countries through SEABIC “Southeast Asian Business Information Center”.

Mr. Davis has served as Corporate Representative to a number of Countries and Conventions including Medica, the world’s largest medical convention in Düsseldorf, Germany.

As a self-made business man, Billy is committed to offering ways and means of educating Small Business owners for a better use of the Internet and Software for profiting their businesses.

Billy saved and restored many bankrupt companies in his long business career including several resorts, a clothing manufacturing company, a brokerage firm, a major land development company, a cruise ship company, a national glass and metal company, machine equipment and aircraft company, an airline and a cruise line.

Some of the business that Billy has owned:

  • Invention of Golf Club Head
  • Covers
  • Golf Wholesale Supply Company throughout the Southern States
  • Construction Company
  • Car Washes
  • Grocery Stores
  • Cottages, Clubhouses and Amenities
  • Perfection Tools - With NASA Contracts.
  • Pine Tree Trail Resort
  • Smith Lake Marina
  • Garden City Hotel and Resort
  • Medical Research Equipment Company
  • Hospital Clothing Manufacturing Company
  • Finance and lending Company
  • Medical Research Investments
  • Florida Coastal Airline (FCA) taken out of bankruptcy
  • Aircraft Hanger and aircraft mechanics, Florida
  • Chartered Aircraft Company
  • Law Centers of America
  • Child Care Centers
  • Aircraft Charters Company
  • Yacht Leasing Company
  • Marinas and golf courses


Billy was recruited to the Republican party by Senator Barry Goldwater in 1964. Since then, he has been involved with the party in many different positions. He served two terms in the Arizona State Senate from 1983 to 1987 for the 19th District in Phoenix Arizona. In 2016 he ran for Congress in Georgia District 11.


The Davis Family has been involved in numerous charity projects and has worked with organizations providing help for people in need.

Multiple Hurricanes Victims have received supplies and money from The Davis Family. They have arranged a fully equipped ambulance to be donated by AMR of Marietta, Georgia to the island of Abaco, The Bahamas after Hurricane Floyd devastated the island on September 14, 1999. When Hurricane Ike devastated Turks and Caicos on September 7, 2008, Billy on behalf of the Davis Family carried much needed supplies to Grand Turk Island and Inagua Bahamas. Medical Supplies were also sent by The Davis Family to Haiti following the devastation of the Earthquake of January 12, 2010.

Gifts, supplies and personal services were provided by the Davis Family in Hurricane Katrina and multiple tornado damaged places closer to home in Georgia.

Mr. Davis has traveled the world in his endeavors as a Human Rights Activist on many Good Will Trips. He travelled to Republic of Togo West Africa, Congo West Africa, Republic of China, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Costa Rica among others. The Davis family is also sponsoring Scholarships for gifted students within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Apart from that, Billy personally volunteers at the VA Hospital on Clairmont in Decatur Georgia.

The Davis family has been involved in helping in many different ways:

  • Charitable Gifts to Hurricane ravaged Caribbean Countries
  • Hurricanes hitting the USA – These Efforts are On Going
  • Fully Supplied Ambulance, Abaco.
  • Annual Christmas for Children after Hurricanes.
  • Supplying Computers for schools in The Caribbean.
  • Fresh Water Wells for elderly and others.
  • Clothes and Blankets (where needed)
  • American Medical Response
  • Duckhead Clothing
  • Billy has worked with medical institutions, including Medica, the worlds largest medical convention in Dusseldorf, Germany
  • As Senator Davis, Billy lobbied and helped build a new Del Webb Memorial Hospital in Phoenix Arizona and
  • CFARE for Hurricane Relief
  • As Senator Davis, Billy lobbied and voted for a new college in his district; The West campus of Arizona State University
  • As Senator Davis, Billy worked for a year to privately raise the money and to build The Arizona Vietnam Veteran Memorial


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